Charitable Recycler Rebate Program


The Charitable Recycler Rebate Program was launched by the Minister for Environment and Climate Change, Roger Jaensch and the Chair of the Waste and Resource Recovery Board, Pam Allan on 11 February​ 2023.

Charitable recyclers are charitable organisations that collect, sell or repurpose donated goods to achieve social outcomes. A proportion of the materials received by charitable recyclers is comprised of unusable donations that cannot be recycled or repurposed, as well as illegally disposed of rubbish. These items are disposed to landfill by charitable recyclers, which incurs a levy and increases operational costs, diverting funds away from the organisation’s charitable objectives.

The Charitable Recycler Rebate Program provides a rebate to charitable recyclers for levy costs incurred in disposal of material to landfill.

Organisations can apply to become registered charitable recyclers under the program by completing the Registration Form and submitting to the Board along with any required documentation for assessment. Once registered, charitable recyclers must notify the Board of any change in circumstances that may affect their eligibility as an approved charitable recycler.

Registered charitable recyclers can claim a rebate under the Program by completing and submitting a quarterly claim on the approved claim forms with supporting do​cument​. 

Please view the guidelines for further information on eligibility and the registration process. 

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