Business Development Opportunities Open

The Tasmanian Government currently has two funding opportunities open:
  • Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program: Roads to Resource Recovery; and 
  • Round 2 of the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants Program.
The Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant is a one-off grant of up to $3 million to support industry to invest in a rubber crumbing plant to produce materials for reuse in road surfacing, or to develop other genuine solutions for tyre reuse in Tasmania.  

Applications must be lodged by 3 pm Monday 30 January 2023. 

More information is available on the Tasmanian Government’s Waste Tyre Reprocessing Grant Program webpage. 

The Tasmanian Government will open Round 2 of the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants Program on Monday 16 January 2023. Up to $1.26 million over the next two years will be on offer to eligible recycling projects located in Tasmania.

The Australian Government, through its Recycling Modernisation Fund, provided $5.5 million, which has been matched by $5.5 million from the Tasmanian Government, to support the increase of recycling and remanufacturing of plastics in Tasmania.

Grant applications can be submitted from 16 January 2023 and must be submitted by 3pm Thursday 28 February 2023.

More information about the Recycling Modernisation Fund (Plastics) Grants Program is available from the Tasmanian Government on the Investment in the Resource Recovery Sector​ webpage.

Published on:                       5/01/2023            

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