​​​​​​​Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2023-2026

​The Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2023-2026 is the first legislated waste strategy for Tasmania

 Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2023-2026 (PDF 2Mb)

The Strategy sets out a framework to reduce the generation of waste, boost recycling and resource recovery, and to position Tasmania to move towards a circular economy.

The Strategy provides guidance to the Waste and Resource Recovery Board and the Tasmanian Government on how the landfill levy should be reinvested.  

One tonne of waste per person per year is landfilled in Tasmania. That is a loss of resources and a loss of economic opportunities.

That is why the central vision of the strategy is Tasmania: a place where nothing is wasted. ​

The Board and the Tasmanian Government will work collaboratively with local government, across four focus areas (the Pillars) to achieve the vision.

Waste Strategy Plan on a Page​

The Strategy provides a commitment to a number of actions, like infrastructure investment, resource recovery and circular economy grants and other programs, levy rebates, education and awareness, and skills development.

The Board is also currently developing an Investment Framework which will further identify how levy funds are spent and leveraged to achieve the best outcomes. The Board and the Department of Natural Resources and Environment will also develop partnerships with other government agencies, local government, and key stakeholders to roll out a range of related programs.

The Strategy will help us develop a better understanding of product use, reuse, repair, and resource flows in Tasmania, support the development and adoption of new business models, and help to build the capacity of Tasmania - and Tasmanians - to work and innovate in this exciting space.

Download a copy of the Strategy:

 Tasmanian Waste and Resource Recovery Strategy 2023-2026 (PDF 2Mb)​


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